When missionaries Bill and Connie McDonald were presented with the opportunity to purchase a television frequency, they had a vision for a ministry that would reach far beyond the limits of their city in Cuenca, Ecuador.  In 2003, after praying, fasting, and casting vision, Unsión Ministries was born.  Under the umbrella of the Unsión Foundation exists for one purpose: to reach souls throughout the Spanish-speaking world.
Unsión Television provides a family-oriented, Christ-centered worldview to a medium ridden with lewd and graphic programming.  Unsión Ministries also works at a local level to reach and disciple those in the community of Cuenca, training believers to be disciples that will lead and train others in the Word of God, equipping the country to be and make disciples of Christ.  Additionally, Unsión recently launched UnsiónMed, a medical clinic that offers quality healthcare to the people of Cuenca at costs they can afford, in an effort to care for both the physical and spiritual needs of those in Cuenca.
With the support of our partners in the United States and in Ecuador, Unsión continues to reach into the farthest corners of Latin America with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  With the favor of the Lord, doors are opening for Unsión into communities where there is currently no Gospel witness.  In April 2013, Unsión began transmitting its signal via satellite, broadcasting from Canada to the southern tip of Argentina.  This technology provides the opportunity to reach 500 million Hispanics with the Gospel.  The Unsión Foundation is underwriting this effort with the Veinticinco Project, which will fund the station's 24 hours of satellite programming.  
On behalf of the Unsión family, we thank you for your support and look forward with great anticipation to what God will do in Latin America through the ministry of Unsión.